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At right is a list of the most often asked questions about our supplier barcodes. If you cannot find the answer you are seeking, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using barcodes?
Accuracy of data is the most important benefit. Accurate data insures that you will be paid on time by eliminating many of the problems that cause payments blocks and delay payments to suppliers. Also, your material will be processed more quickly at receiving docks, which positively affects your on-time delivery metric.

Is a packing slip still required?
Yes, a packing slip is still required.

What kind of paper or labels should I use?
When printing your barcode on an inkjet printer, be sure to use a high quality inkjet paper to reduce the bleed of the ink. Ink bleed can cause the label to become unreadable.

There are very few problems with scanning barcodes when a laser printer is used to produce the labels. Most labels do not produce the bleeding problems that standard copy paper does.

Where do I attach the container label?
The container label is attached to the side face of the carton or box being shipped. See example in the picture of the box below.

Where do I attach the master label?
FOR SHIPMENTS TO ATTLEBORO, U.S.A.: The master label is attached to the back of the packing list that is included with your shipment.

FOR SHIPMENTS TO MEXICO: The master label is attached to the back of the invoice that is included with your shipment.

What barcode symbology does Sensata Technologies use?
The barcode generator currently is creating Code 128 barcodes; however, it is capable of producing Code 39 as well as numerous other symbologies.
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